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Whether you choose to opt for a blended learning option (part distance learning, part face-to-face), participate in group sessions for curious novices or amateurs, or immerse yourself in private, individual tailor-made professional sessions at the Institut de Savonnerie in SW France, we are always by your side!

Scented Soap Bars

Whether you want to learn how to create soap for your own use or dream of opening your own artisan soap-making business, our courses teach you more than just how to make pretty soap by the kilo.

What we teach you is how to make hand-made soap based on scientific facts, and not hearsay.


This means you're armed with all the basic science you need to create a top-quality, luxury soap based on an intelligent understanding of the soapmaker's craft.

If the word "science" brings back images of the school science laboratory making you resistant and hesitant about what we offer, you are smart enough to recognise that what we offer is not a chemistry degree!

What it is, however, is a change in thinking, a new way of working, and a willingness to adapt to a more analytical approach. This means that, as a future professional, you'll be able to make intelligent decisions so that your business will thrive. For the hobbyist, you'll be autonomous and confident in making responsible decisions for yourself.

Our Prospectus  will tell you everything you need to know about our courses, what they are, how they work, prices, as well as themes, disciplines, and much more. 


What we offer is unique amongst our competitors. Where else will you find tailor-made professional training courses presented to just YOU and no other ensuring that both your personal learning and business project goals are met?

If you do not speak French, don't worry.

We are British-born and bred. We welcome French-speaking and English-speaking students from around the world. Our current alumni include Europeans, Americans, British, Africans, and Saudi Arabians to name a few, many of whom have since launched their own artisan soap business in their native country. 

With our compliments, we can help you choose your accommodation for your course duration and make the necessary reservations on your behalf. 


If you want to make extraordinary, beautiful soaps responsibly that put your business at the cutting edge, what are you waiting for?

Download the English language Prospectus 2024/25


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