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Natural Soap Bars

France is Europe's third largest soap producer, sharing 90% of European soap production with the UK and Germany.


This explains why opening a soap factory attracts so many entrepreneurs to France.


However, before embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure by opening a soap business, it is highly advisable to draw up a business plan and enroll in professional training.

This will enable you to establish your business growth strategy by considering, for example, the start-up budget, competitive analysis, turnover, performance indicators, and future profits from your soap-making business.

What's more, your business plan can be used as a basis if you are planning to apply for finance from a financial institution.



What elements should be included in my business plan?

Is there a template I can follow?

How do I calculate my turnover?

What financial tables should be included in the business plan?

How do I calculate my business break-even point?


We provide the answers in this article. 

business plan

Drawing up a business plan before opening  your business gives you the opportunity to :


  • identify the latest figures for the soap market.

  • summarise the consumer habits that characterise the soap sector.

  • present the success factors of a soap-making business.

  • Identify your future customers and their desires.

  • Develop a sustainable value proposition for your project.

  • Identify competing soap companies and their place in the soap market.

  • Find competitive advantages for your soap-making business.

  • Use a Business Model Canvas to present your project's business model.

  • Draw up a development plan (in several stages)

  • Establish a policy against risks and events that could pose problems for your business.

  • Explain to a banker that your new project is capable of generating profits.

With this information, you are far better positioned to talk to us about your specific needs for both your business and your personal development.


Nous n'acceptons pas le CPF, mais d'autres organismes de financement peuvent être en mesure de vous aider.

mon business plaN

Vous avez besoin d'un business plan mais ne savez pas par où commencer ?

Découvrez cet outil de business plan spécialement conçu pour la savonnerie par notre partenaire ODELEDSE BUSINESS PLANS. 

C'est un MUST HAVE !


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